Call Forward

Call Forward Prayer & Worship Movement

“A Call That Must Be Answered!”
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Call Forward Has Three Focuses:

Worship: Worship to God will be sung out of biblical truths of who God is, what His promises are for us, and what He is speaking into the hearts of His people. With a pure heart we will cry out to God in worship. Our sole purpose will be to give God our lives in our worship and to give glory to His Name.

Word: The Word of God will be expressed creatively. Through biblical teachings, spoken lyrics, worship and more, we expect God to reveal himself and his heart through the Word.

Intercession: Prayer will be offered to God for our generation. We will pray specifically for issues within our immediate region, nation and world. We will also pray as led by the Holy Spirit.


Gather musicians, psalmist, singers, intercessors, and lyricists to:

1. To give worship to God through use of our God-given gifts as led by the Holy Spirit

2. To learn how to grow in our ability to minister prophetically. Be an extension of God’s voice and hands in the earth.

3. To be forerunners of a worship movement that includes true worship to God, through sincere obedience to Jesus, and total surrender to our calling.

Gather this Generation

1. To refocus our Generation from self-worship, idolatry and godlessness to a life of true worship to God, complete surrender, and godliness.

2. To hold gatherings for the members of the body of Christ to come and worship God.

The gatherings will:

1. Compel people to turn their hearts back to the Lord.

2. Return their focus to the furthering of God’s purposes and plans in the earth

3. Unite hearts together in worship to God and increase faith in Jesus through Biblical Teaching.

4. Serve as a training ground and launching pad for forerunners in the worship movement to be dispersed throughout our region

The vision of Call Forward was given to Bruce and Rotoya Goodwin, Ministers of Edified Christian Ministries International, Largo, MD

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