Our Story

Who are Bruce and Rotoya?

We are Lovers of God

We are Husband and Wife

We are Assistant Pastors at Edified Church brucerotoya

We are Business Owners

We are Passionate about our call

We are Lovers of people

We are Committed to leading individuals to Christ through different outlets which included: the preached Word, bible teaching, praise and worship, ministry events, vlogs and blogs, (by any means necessary:).

Our  Love Story 

From Rotoya’s Perspective

Bruce and I met each other at the tender age of 9. Not knowingly our parents both decided to chose Collington Station, in Bowie MD as the location of their new home. Living directly across the street from each other it was inevitable that we would someday meet, but surprising that we would one day fall in love…. Growing up Bruce and I would have little contact except for occasional greetings at the mailbox, or slight waves as we crossed each other’s paths in elementary school. Our story begins to change as we jumped head-first into our adolescent years.  At the age of 13 Bruce received Jesus Christ into his heart and the story does not stop there…. Well, well, well, let’s talk about me…..let’s just say that during my adolescent years I did everything in my power to run away from the Godly principles I was taught as a child. But one thing I love about God is that even though I turned away from Him, He loved me enough to one day direct me back home..all smiles. During our high school years Bruce says that he started to see me differently;) Right around this time, my father invited Bruce to come and play the bass at our newly established church and he agreed!!! With Bruce on the bass and me on the piano here was a new day dawning!! We developed a love for music that eventually grew into a deep love for God and years later each other. Even now after playing together for 11 years we often experience moments of harmony and complete understanding as we worship God with our instruments. About nine years ago, in our sophomore year of college we decided to make it OFFICIAL!!! So official, that Bruce and I sat down with my parents and informed them that we would like to begin a Christian Courtship. Sitting around the kitchen table, my parents prayed for us that we would walk into God’s purpose for our newly formed relationship! Over time our casual conversations, grew into longer ones, then into a friendship and finally into a Love. A love that has stood the test of TIME. A love that has conquered the sudden storms of life, sorrow and even heart break. A love that flows directly from God’s heart to ours. A love that fashioned, formed and created us for each other from the beginning. A love that will always be the foundation of our marriage. I am excited to marry the one God made just for me!!


From Bruce’s Perspective

I first met Rotoya when her family moved across the street. It was then that I knew……….(that her family lived across the street). We went to elementary school together and parted ways for middle school. Though we lived across the street from each other, for years we didn’t really speak or see one another (except for the occasional times I caught her staring at me through her window as I checked the mailbox, she still denies it).Toward the end of high school Pastor Williams invited me to the Church to play bass on Sunday mornings. As I began to attend and develop my relationship with the Lord, slowly another relationship began to form; a friendship. Rotoya and I became friends, playing music together, talking, sharing laughs and growing together in Christ. It was during our college years that the friendship we had, transitioned to something deeper. I was convinced that she was the type of woman I’d like to marry. I decided to pursue my friend and to ask her to enter a courtship with me. We were determined to strive in honoring God with our lives and how we approached what would later grow into this union. After years of waiting, growing, laughing and crying, on August 12th.I asked her hand in marriage. I married the kindest, most loving person I know. She is my friend, my love and my WIFE.


Bruce and Rotoya married on January 12th, 2013 at Full Gospel Emancipation Life Center, in Odenton, MD..


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