Principle 1: Make Time to Spend With One Another….

Make time to spend with one another….

Three quick tips for spending quality moments with your spouse

Employer, Employee, Business Owner, Musician, Son, Brother, Minister, Friend, Collector of Fine Wool Suits, Writer, Martial Arts Instructor, Mentor, Cliff Jumper (but that was only once), Investor, 70’s aficionado, Jesus follower…I could name at least seven more but you would probably stop reading.  Our lives are busy, full of things to do, people to see and places to go. But I have learned over the past year that spending quality time together with your spouse is extremely important.  Oh yeah, I forgot a vitally important one HUSBAND (see what I mean).

I love my wife and though days are busy, I think about her all the time. Any good husband can relate. But let’s face it, we get no points unless she knows that.  Not that marriage is some sort of sporting event, but every winning relationship is characterized and strengthened by spending quality time. So gentleman, (and ladies),

Here are three quick tips for spending quality moments with your spouse, even if your super busy and told yourself you don’t have enough time.

  1. Realize that you actually do have time. Contrary to popular belief, everyone has the same amount of time in a day.  Instead of saying there is no time, create an opportunity to share even brief moments. A time of prayer, an engaging conversation, or just silence can go a long way. The point is being together and enjoying the moment.
  2. Get actively involved in your spouse’s interest. You’d be surprised what you can learn to like if you make spending time with that special person the primary reason for your engagement.  I cannot tell you the number of strange events, restaurants, and activities that I have coaxed Rotoya to accompany me to.  With a smile on her face (at times a nervous one) and love in her heart she gets involved. And before you know it, she likes it. Not only does this allow you to spend quality time, but it also brings flavor and lasting memories to your relationship.
  3. When spending quality time, never ever make the tragic mistake of doing work. Like I said, we are all busy but one of the worse things you can do is pull out work, social media or any of the sort during planned one on one moments. I think this one is self-explanatory.

Time is something that you can never get back and learning to spend it with the one you love is essential to building a great relationship. So, go find your wife or husband and spend some time with them right now. I think I’ll do the same.

Oh yeah, throwing in a tune like this in the atmosphere never hurts either. Enjoy

What do you think is the biggest obstacle to spending time with the one you love?


One of our Excursions, Rotoya initially had reservations about but in the end she enjoyed!


Dune Buggy




8 thoughts on “Principle 1: Make Time to Spend With One Another….

  1. I love that your marriage is a ministry! You both are inspiring, I’ll be joining the club soon and Im looking forward to practicing your tips! God bless yall!!

    • Lynda!!! Thanks for checking our blog out!! We are so blessed to be able to share our experiences with others!! Thank you for your encouraging words:) Let us know if you have any questions!

  2. I love the fact you guys are sharing theses tips with us…. It’s great and I really appericate it… Im looking to join the club soon as well

    • Jonathan!! Thanks for checking our blog out!! We are so blessed to be able to share our experiences with others!! Congrats on joining the club soon:) Let us know if you have any questions!

  3. GREAT stuff. Im so happy and proud of the two of you. The love the two of you have for one another is UNDENIABLE and despite the VERY busy schedules you both have you ALWAYS make time for each other. You ARE the personafication of a union. I love you guys :-)

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