For Ladies Only Session: Questions Answered

Listen in on a Ladies Only Session held at ODU University! You can listen to the entire session or skip to the part that interest you. (Time Break-Down is Below) Get some questions answered!!

2:54 How did you and your husband meet? Did God reveal it to you in a special way?
7:34 They say that when you have sex with multiple partners you are connected with them. How do you break that bondage?
10:29 Does Greek life interfere with us being virtuous woman of God?
16:21 How do you embrace who God has called you to be?
19:21 Just Do It/Being Led by The Holy Spirit
25:28 You know how God puts certain people in your life to minister to, other people the enemy puts in your life to destroy you. How do you know if a person is there for you to minister to or if they are there to mess you up?
28:44 How to evaluate relationships?
31:00 Sometimes God feels so far, and I think because I don’t experience gifts, He’s not there. As you grew closer to God did He add gifts to your worship?
Power of God vs. Presence of God
37:00 Ideas on how to not live a boring life? Things I did as a single? How enjoy Christian life as a single woman?
42:49 How not be a needy wife? Establishing a prayer time a single woman
45:34 Baptism: Should I get baptized? Walking in the Newness of Life
49:12 What can I start studying in the Word (Bible)? Tips on Studying the Word?
52:10 Enduring Temptation
54:52 “I don’t want to marry you because I want to have sex with you” Truth about Perversion
57:19 A tip on dealing with Perversion