For Ladies Only Session: Questions Answered

Listen in on a Ladies Only Session held at ODU University! You can listen to the entire session or skip to the part that interest you. (Time Break-Down is Below) Get some questions answered!!

2:54 How did you and your husband meet? Did God reveal it to you in a special way?
7:34 They say that when you have sex with multiple partners you are connected with them. How do you break that bondage?
10:29 Does Greek life interfere with us being virtuous woman of God?
16:21 How do you embrace who God has called you to be?
19:21 Just Do It/Being Led by The Holy Spirit
25:28 You know how God puts certain people in your life to minister to, other people the enemy puts in your life to destroy you. How do you know if a person is there for you to minister to or if they are there to mess you up?
28:44 How to evaluate relationships?
31:00 Sometimes God feels so far, and I think because I don’t experience gifts, He’s not there. As you grew closer to God did He add gifts to your worship?
Power of God vs. Presence of God
37:00 Ideas on how to not live a boring life? Things I did as a single? How enjoy Christian life as a single woman?
42:49 How not be a needy wife? Establishing a prayer time a single woman
45:34 Baptism: Should I get baptized? Walking in the Newness of Life
49:12 What can I start studying in the Word (Bible)? Tips on Studying the Word?
52:10 Enduring Temptation
54:52 “I don’t want to marry you because I want to have sex with you” Truth about Perversion
57:19 A tip on dealing with Perversion

Pursuing Purity

Sexual Purity and Waiting on the Lord

Pastor Rotoya Goodwin taught this class to encourage and empower singles!!

Definition of Being Single- A Separate, Unique and Whole Individual
The goal of this course is to teach individuals how to develop and maintain a Godly single life. During the class students will learn the spiritual and natural freedoms of living single today. In addition, they will learn how to be content and enjoy singleness, while simultaneously developing into who God has designed them to be.

Textbook: Being Single and Satisfied (Tony Evans) & Keys for Living Single (Myles Munroe)
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